A Book That Adults and Youngsters Both Can Enjoy?
Here's What Readers Are Saying ...


"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed (and learned from) reading this book. I started reading it yesterday and 6-1/2 hours later I finished it. I could not put it down. I spend so many hours watching the antics of these creatures in my backyard oasis that I found your book so educational ... and fun! I have often wondered if the various things I see them doing have meaning. You answered EVERY question! The back crest was the most surprising. I figured the ones that had the back crest were one of many different species I had in the yard. Now I want some green anoles to add to my family. I saw one a couple of weeks ago on the high bushes in my neighbor's yard. It was very exciting to see one. Thank you for writing this book. (Why didn't I think of that?)
—LuAnn Short, Apopka, FL

"Thank you, thank you, so much for the anole book. I read and enjoyed every word. I gave my copy to my veterinarian, so now I need another for myself!"
—Patricia Beam, St. Augustine, FL

"I grew up in South Florida and my parents still live there. They consider the lizards in their back yard to be their pets. They follow their every move and even name them. I've been looking for a book like this for ages to give to them. It's going to be a big hit, I can tell you."
—Sarah Kilborne, New York, NY

" ... I have always been a big fan of the anole and was delighted to finally have a book with all the details I could wish for. I highly recommend it to anyone regardless of age." —Mark Gottlob

"What a wonderful book! I loved the illustrations and learned so many anecdotal bits about anoles. I've mentioned it in my landscaping workshops as I talk about integrated pest management and the purpose of beneficial insects and predators. Every gardener who has seen the miniature, dinosaur-like creatures in their yard will enjoy it. ... It will also delight and educate children and other readers about the benefits and importance of protecting anoles and their ecosystem. It should be in every school system library. I will also recommend it to my Master Naturalist classes." —Teresa Watkins, Florida Yards & Neighborhoods, Orlando, FL

"... This should be mandatory reading for residents of the state; after all, our yards are teeming with a world unexplored. Now I know about the secret lives of anoles and am better able to preserve their habitat."
—Helen Foster, Orlando, FL

"Your book is absolutely wonderful! I love the 'anole point of view.' ... The illustrations are superb. It's a little work of art. ..."
—Kathy Nelson, editor, Florida Gardening magazine, Malabar, FL

"... We in the introduced-species circles have really been ramping up the emergency response issue (find them quick and get rid of them before they get established) but also associated with this is the effort to educate the public about the harm done by introduced species. Your book will contribute nicely to this effort, especially because it will reach young and old and everyone in between, and I intend to showcase your book whenever I discuss this issue." —Dr. Todd Campbell, Biology Dept., Univ. of Tampa, FL

"... A pleasure to read and difficult to lay down. Ann and her distant cousin Noel ... seem to come alive through the various illustrations and their delightful antics. I would recommend 'Those Florida Yard Lizards' to any age reader for information and enjoyment."
—Hertha Horner, Mounts Botanical Garden, W. Palm Beach, FL

Examples of what kids are learning:

" ... that green anoles are getting taken over by the brown anoles." —Austin

" ... that anoles don't have really long tongues, like I thought they did." —Taylor

" ... that brown anoles can camouflage themselves." —Cooper

" ... that green anoles live in trees and bushes and can jump far distances." —Patricia

" ... that they arch their back and head when they get mad."  —Morgan

" ... that there are so many types of lizards." —Maggie

" ... that anoles are so cool. I never really paid any attention to the anoles in my yard. But I spent all this weekend looking at them." —Jenna

                                      *  *  *  *

"Now this is a book your grandkids can enjoy while visiting you in Florida. We see anoles every day and the kids always want to know more about them. Put this book in their hands or read it to them. They will enjoy it."
—Hetty Krucke, Pensacola, FL

"... an educational story for kids from ages three to one hundred and three who are nature lovers. The conversations among Ann, the native green anole; Noel, the invasive Cuban brown anole; and Humie, the human, are cleverly personified to inform readers about Florida's shrinking native population of green anoles." —Lynn Bowen, Deland, FL

"I loved the book. It was very clever the way the lives of the green and brown anole were intertwined. The environmental issues that arise for the green anole due to the destruction of native habitat are clearly addressed. I feel that it would be a perfect addition to the middle-school science curriculum in Florida." —Lori Braga, Southwest Middle School, Palm Bay,


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