Chapter by Chapter

"Anoles: Those Florida Yard Lizards" features colorful graphics and brief, punchy, information-packed chapters. You'll learn, laugh a little, and learn some more. Here are the chapter titles:

  • The Unlikely Conversation
  • Day 1: Hey, We're Not Chameleons
  • The Origin of Anoles: Just How Old Are They?
  • Where Anoles Fit In With Other Animals
  • So, Uh, Why Are You In My Yard?
  • Impact of the Invaders
  • Day 2: Where Do They Live?
  • Geography, Population & Who's Number 1?
  • Territoriality and Body Language
  • Day 3: Anatomy and the Senses
  • A Peek Inside the Anole
  • Exploring the Mouth, Nostrils and Ears
  • Precision Vision: What They See
  • Jet Lag and Cyclops: A Third Eye
  • Magic Trait #1: Walking Straight Up
  • Magic Trait #2: The Tail That Grows Back
  • Magic Trait #3: The Dewlap
  • Magic Trait #4: Color Change
  • Magic Trait #5: The Convertible Back Crest
  • Are They Really Cold-Blooded?
  • The Battles of Mating Season
  • The Spoils of Victory
  • Greetings, World: Birth of a Hatchling
  • Day 4: So, What's To Eat?
  • The Food Critics Review
  • And One More, Ahem, Menu Item
  • Anole Enemies: Staying Off Their Menu
  • Physical Prowess: By Land, Air and Water
  • Track and Field Events
  • The 5th & Final Day: Sleep, Winters, Captivity
  • The Unexpected Announcement
  • The Quest for Habitat
  • The Lizards Wind Down
  • A Glance At Those Florida Yard Lizards
  • The Day After: Release, References, Hearsay

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