What the Press Says About
“Anoles: Those Florida Yard Lizards”

Orlando anole clip

The Orlando Sentinel

“... The author uses humor and banter to explore the lives of Florida's anoles and tells us why he thinks the little reptiles deserve our respect and protection. ... ”

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      Pensacola anole clip

The Pensacola News Journal

“... He didn't set out to write a book with a ‘let's save the anole’ environmental message, but that's what he's
done. ..."

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Ocala anole clip

The Ocala Star-Banner

“We call them chameleons, yard lizards. They'd like it if we'd use the proper term ‘anole,’ but mostly they'd prefer if we'd leave them some habitat. How do we know? They told us, in a conversation recorded in Steve Isham's new
book ...”

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Bay Soundings anole clip

Bay Soundings

“... Isham presents an enormous amount of information in a format that is as appropriate for middle-school readers as it is for curious adults. ... ”

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CF Lifestyle anole clip

Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine

“... The author uses humor to entice his readers while educating them at the same time, and while you're laughing, remember there's a serious message about conservation. ... ”

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Ecoviews anole cliip


“... One point Isham makes about why he wanted to write the book was that he saw many anoles around his home and community, yet few people knew much about them. As he says, ‘I thought it kind of disrespectful that we had this unrecognized wildlife.’ I like that message.”

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