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Anoles are in virtually everybody's yard in Florida, yet few people know much about them. They are mistakenly called chameleons, geckos or skinks.
      "Anoles: Those Florida Yard Lizards," a new book, explains the differences and debunks a number of myths about these and other lizards. And it does so in a humorous, entertaining manner, making it a pleasurable learning experience for oldsters and youngsters alike.

Why Be Clueless About Anoles?
     Learn where they came from, where they live, how they establish and defend territories, what they eat, what eats them, why they change color, how they climb up smooth surfaces, how they mate and bear young, and much more.

Tell Me More
     This book is:
      * Highly Educational and Informative
      * Humorous and Whimsical
      * An Enjoyable Read, No Matter If You're 10 or 110 Years Old (well maybe not quite that old), or Somewhere in Between
      * 120 Pages, Paperback, 6-3/4 x 9 inches (17 x 23 centimeters)
      * Loaded with more than 30 Original Illustrations—Over 20 in
Full Color
      * For Florida Residents, Eco-Minded Tourists, Gardeners, Folks in Other States Inhabited by Anoles, Anole Pet Owners, Lizard and Animal Lovers Everywhere, Anyone Interested in Reptiles

So, Is It a Story?
    "Anoles: Those Florida Yard Lizards" is a fascinating fantasy based almost entirely on fact. Ann and Noel are lizards that communicate with a human, whom they affectionately call "Humie." Say their names rapidly in succession and you get ... ANOLE.

A Moral Too?
    Yes, it has an important message: How Floridians can help save the native green anole while encouraging beneficial plant growth. A green book!

Where and How to Buy It
    You can order direct from us for $18.95 (includes free shipping anywhere in USA and Canada). Add $7 shipping to other countries.
    All copies ordered from this web site are personally signed by the author and normally ship within 24 hours!

Green Anole

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